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A commercial remodeling project in an existing space carries a unique set of challenges compared to a home remodeling project. A more complex zoning regulation is one of those unique challenges.

Even with relatively simple interior remodeling projects there are some potential complications you should be aware. The first question to be answered is whether the legal use of the space is being changed from the original zoning specification. A confirmation must be made that the zoning code at that particular location is not violated as a result of the remodeling project.

Commercial additionYou may feel comfortable because you are not changing the use of the space. But, in some cases, the zoning may not reflect the current use of the space. The use of the space may not have been in compliance with the zoning for the past years.  The non-conforming use of the space would not have come to light until a remodeling project has begun. In this situation, you may need to address the use of the space as being ‘non-conforming’. You will need to document that the use was allowed when it was first established and that the use has continued over time.  So, even if you believe you are in compliance by not changing the use of the space from its original use, you still need to address the possibility of a zoning violation before starting the project.

Then there is the case where the use is limited to a specific area size. If you increase the size, then the space will be out of compliance. So, you need to ensure the floor area of the proposed use is allowed.

As we said in What Goes Into The Decision Of Your Next Remodeling Project “The more fun remodeling projects are those that come from desire, or, the opportunity to increase the value of your property. And then there is the chance that both of these can be achieved at the same time.” You do not want the remodeling project to cost you money from poor planning and preparation.

Beside zoning, consider What Are the Best Tips for Commercial Remodeling?

“A common goal is to perform commercial remodeling as quickly as possible without disrupting daily operations. A retailer, for example, can lose profits if a store is closed even for one day. For this reason, a manager might consult a contractor in how to space work so that sale items can be moved around, allowing customers to access products. Safety and comfort concerns should also be taken into consideration. Loud noises, sawdust, and chemical and paint fumes can lead to unpleasant and even dangerous environments.”

The contractor best suited for the remodeling project is one that has experience with commercial remodeling projects. It can be a good idea to develop a positive relationship with a remodeling contractor whom you can use for all remodeling needs. Veri Construction has over 50 years of experience in Commercial Remodeling – We will build new or remodel existing office and warehouse space. Our company will handle all mechanicals of the building including architectural plans and plans and permits up to a move in.

You need to be assured that unforeseen zoning considerations and business disruptions will not cost you time and lost revenue during the project.