The low maintenance and on-site amenities are just a few of the reasons that condo living have become more popular with first time home buyers, empty-nesters, and single women.

Condos come in many flavors. You might like the modern style of a new building or the retro look of an older refurbished building in the downtown area. Even in a new building, the layout and decor in most condos comes in varying shades of vanilla. Even though they offer several different floor plans, you should consider how well the layout suits your needs?

Renovating a Condo

Custom_CabinetThe good news is. unlike an apartment, you own everything within the walls of your condo unit. Which means you can make changes to the decor, as well as to the layout.

Before moving in, you can renovate and remodel your condo to give it the personal touches that will make it your perfect home. Depending on your condo board’s rules*, you might even be able to knock down a wall to create an open floor plan.

Adding the right custom renovations can also add value to your property.

What other improvement could you make?

  • Add crown moldings
  • Install wood floors
  • Remodel the kitchen
  • Update bathrooms
  • Enlarge closets and install built-ins

Renovation Ideas for the Kitchen

The kitchen and bathroom are often the first rooms people want to remodel. You can make good use of the limited space in a galley style kitchen by adding lots of storage. Cabinets, deep slide out shelves and drawers, a roomy pantry are just a few of the improvement you could make.

Installing under-cabinet appliances and built-ins leave the counter space free. You can customize your unit with:

  • Custom designed tile backsplash
  • Granite countertops
  • Built-in shelves for cookbooks
  • Desk or Dine in counter area

Improvements for the Master Bedroom and Bath

Like the kitchen, improvements to the master bedroom and bath will make add to the enjoyment of your home. Starting with the bathroom, you may want to install updated fixtures, including a new water efficient toilet.

Many people, including seniors, are opting for a large walk-in shower. Depending on the space available you can have both a tub and a separate walk-in shower. Other renovations may include replacing old, cracked tile floor with new flooring. If you hate stepping out of the shower onto an ice old floor, think about installing a heated flooring system.

With a few well thought out renovation, you can change your plain vanilla condo into super deluxe with sprinkles!

*Before you begin any renovation or remodeling project in your condo, contact your condo board for their CCandRs (Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions).

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