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The basement is the largest unused spaces in most homes. Instead of the big empty space, your basement is actually a blank canvas for the room(s) of your dreams.

The basement spans the full length of your house. A renovation can divide the basement into more usable space for you and your family. This could include a laundry room, an extra bedroom with a bath, a child’s playroom or even a home theater.

Preparation for a Basement Renovation

BasementDepending on the foundation and construction of your home, the basement might be a little more than a concrete box. Or it might have been finished out with drywall and floor tiles. If you are starting with an unfinished concrete room, you may need to do some prep work, such as:

  • waterproofing and sealing concrete walls and floors to prevent mold and mildew
  • installing celling tiles to cover exposed pies and wiring
  • Installing carpet or tile flooring
  • Installing heating, electrical and plumbing

Are You Considering a Basement Renovation

What would you like to do with your basement? The basement has so much potential. And the possibilities are almost endless. You have the option to divide the space into a few rooms in a variety of sizes.

Laundry Room: Most basements have a space for the laundry room. Why not build a better laundry room? You could include storage shelves and cabinets for laundry supplies, as well as a cedar storage closet for winter clothes.

Extra Bedroom: You can create an extra bedroom and bath that can be used as a guest room. It can also be a great space for a teenager bedroom.

Here are a few other options for a basement renovation:

  • Home Theater
  • Home Office
  • Child’s Playroom
  • Man Cave

What’s going on in your basement? Is it the damp dark cavern with a washer dryer in the corner calls itself a room?

Contact Veri Construction to find out how you can turn the wasted space in your basement into a wonderful space your family will enjoy. We are an award-winning Certified NARI Remodeler, serving customers in New Jersey area.