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Renovating the bathroom in your home is a great place to invest your time and money. Both your time and your money will benefit. The value of your home will increase giving you a positive return on investment (ROI) and the leisure time spent enjoying your new elegant bathroom will be a well deserved gift to yourself.

BathroomAs Investopedia states “Historically and on average, certain projects, such as the addition of a wood deck, kitchen and bathroom upgrades and window replacement, have shown the greatest ROI regardless of the property’s location or the state of the residential property market.”

So, what should be considered when considering a new design of your bathroom?

First, you should consider your own personal needs.

  • If you had one sink, for instance, make sure there is ample room for you and your spouse to have “alone time” while getting ready to go out or to go to bed.
  • If the woman of the house needs ample storage for makeup and proper light for its application, make sure that it is available.
  • Mirrors and lighting should be functional before being fancy. We want to be able to see what others will see before we get out in public and the bright lights.
  • Electrical outlets must be accessible in a practical way for the unique needs of the two participants.
  • If a tub is required, make sure it is the right size. Big is not always best. Of course, if soaking for long periods to wind down after a long day is desired, then deep and appropriately long is the way to go. But if bathing kids is a requirement, then make sure the tub is shallow and accessible. There are also excellent alternatives for senior adults today to avoid life threatening falls.

Then there are resale considerations. When considering resale, consider aesthetics and energy costs.

Daylighting is a way to make the best decision in this area. Now that the room is larger, no one wants to be paying to heat this room in frigid winters when no one is in the room. Using Daylighting guidelines, you can use natural light to reduce energy costs.

When people are looking to buy a new home, they want to know that they can live there into their later years. This means that the room must have doorways and aisles accessible with a wheelchair. So consider using Universal Design guidelines.

Universal design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.NAHB.org.

The primary goals of Universal Design in a residential home are: easy access and safety. However, this design style also provides plenty of open space and functionality for everyone.

So, when considering your next renovation, the bathroom can provide a double benefit in terms of more enjoyable leisure time and an improved resale value.

Veri Construction is a contractor in New Jersey and recipient of many Regional Contractor of the Year Awards. A floor plan and elevation views are created in our showroom with computerized drawings. We have complete bathroom displays set up to provide a real-life feel of the project before it even starts.

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