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Home remodeling projects can be daunting when you consider the cost and time that can be wasted. Good decisions must be made, even though you are not an expert with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Kitchen RemodelAs we stated in our previous post, What Goes Into The Decision Of Your Next Remodeling Project “…we look at the factors that may go into the initial decision of starting a home remodeling project:

  1. Need – This can be driven by the need to repair your home. There can also be the need that is driven by a new addition to the family, such as a child or a parent.
  2. Desire – There can be that room in your home you never liked and now is the time to consider changing it. The emotional value to you could be very high, such as a larger bathroom shower to help make the morning a more pleasant experience.
  3. Gain in Resale Value – This is the type of remodeling project that is driven by the objective of increasing the value of your property.”

Veri Construction specializes in residential and commercial remodeling. From small interior renovations to large newly built homes, the foundation of all of our construction is having a solid relationship with clients who have confidence in our experience and knowledge to make their vision a reality.

To reduce the risk of wasted time and money, we offer our clients a chance to see the finished project in our showroom. Our showroom provides an inside look into our clients dream. Veri Construction understands that each project needs to be approached with an innovative state of mind. We utilize state of the art 3-D computer generating drawings along with architectural plans for successful project delivery.

We work with our client’s schedule. The Showroom is open 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday with evenings and Saturdays by appointment.

Veri Construction is an award-winning Certified NARI Remodeler serving clients in New Jersey.