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Many homeowners are choosing to renovate their existing home to meet the needs of their growing family rather than move.

As home values increase, staying in your home and in the neighborhood you know may be the desirable choice.  As stated in 10 construction industry trends to watch in 2016

“We’re encouraged by recent data that shows consumers have a strong desire to invest in their homes. In fact, survey respondents are indicating that growth in their home improvement spending is outpacing increases in their overall spending,” Mike Horn, vice president of Lowe’s ProServices, told Construction Dive.

Once the decision to stay in your home is made, then the next decision becomes “do you add up or do you add out to gain that extra living space?”

Benefits of Adding an Upper Level

Adding up should be strong consideration. One reason is that your costs may be lower than adding out because you don’t have to do foundation work. Foundation work can be very costly. When you build an additional level, you will be adding living space on the existing foundation. Adding a new level that fits on top of your home’s existing footprint means you will double your square footage.

add a level

Add a level

Another reason to add an additional level to the home is that your lawn space is preserved. Adding out to get more living space will take garden and recreational space away from your family. Our backyards are a place for us to escape the everyday stresses without the cost of going on vacation. We do not necessarily want to give that luxury up.


Finding a builder that understands the issues of adding an upper level to your home is critical. The issue that the foundation can support the extra weight, for instance, is one of many considerations.

Design should be well thought out. The addition should not look like an add-on to the home. The home, when completed, should look like it was always a two-story home. You can take advantage of the renovation to add that large porch or modernize the style of the outside of the home.

Also important is understanding the time and cost that will be involved in relocating the utilities that are generally housed in the existing attic. Time being as important as cost, in this case. There will be an impact on the lower level before the renovation is completed. Living in the home during certain points of the renovation may not be possible. So, the time to relocate utilities will add to the time you are kept out of the home. Estimating this time accurately is best done by an experienced builder that understands the process.

Adding an addition to the upper level of your home could provide everything you need to have your home meet the needs of your family for years to come. However, during a renovation of this magnitude, you want to reduce the surprises. Make sure you choose an experienced construction company that can work closely with you through the entire process.

Veri Construction is a contractor in New Jersey and recipient of many Regional Contractor of the Year Awards. A floor plan and elevation views are created in our showroom with computerized drawings. We have complete bathroom displays set up to provide a real-life feel of the project before it even starts.

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