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Many of us are re-discovering our own backyard as others are scheduling their next cruise ship vacation. This is not to say that a vacation to a destination away from home is bad. But, many of us are choosing to not be taken away from the place we call home.

Backyard_DeckThe backyard was not always for fun and games. As History Of The Backyard (As We Know It) says “In the late 1800s and up to the end of World War II, even those not living in strictly rural settings used their backyards as spaces to support the economies of their households. This meant food gardens that would support the appetites and nutritional needs of everyone living there. The same went for livestock, with those animals who provided eggs, meat, and milk. Even animals need a place to crash. The backyard was it.” So, up to the 1940s, the backyard was a place for work and sustenance – not for fun.

But these days, things are different. With the Holiday weekend coming up, we know we can have fun right here at home. As stated in the Bergen County Real Estate post 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND IN BERGEN COUNTY, NEW JERSEY, “Bergen County and Northern New Jersey have many fantastic 4th of July celebrations this weekend!” We can have a great time in your backyard before and after attending local Independence Day celebrations.

A backyard deck can really add to the convenience of entertaining. If you do not yet have a deck, it is not too early to be thinking about adding it. The addition can be great for your family and the resale of your home. The increasing home values have made home improvements, like adding a deck, very sensible. There are two main reasons. One is that you are more likely to get a positive return on your investment in the project. The other factor is you don’t want to buy another home at a higher price if you can modernize your own home and stay in the neighborhood you feel most comfortable.

Veri Construction is an award-winning Certified NARI Remodeler, serving customers in New Jersey area. Before you begin a project of this scale, consult with a professional contractor. We can help you make the right choices because we have our own showroom to show you customized options specific to your situation. We work with clients and subcontractors, while utilizing state of the art 3-D computer generating drawings along with architectural plans for successful project delivery.