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The bathroom is one of the top renovation projects chosen. One reason is because a master bathroom can be a refuge after a stressful day and a launching pad to the start of a new day. Another reason is because the renovation project of a bathroom can add value to the resale of the home.

Open ShowerThe shower is a major part of a bathroom renovation project. Modern design is offering more choices for shower design, and, possibly also adding some confusion.

One new term we hear often is the ‘Open Shower’. However, there are different understandings of the meaning of this term. In some cases, an open shower may mean that the shower has outside views and sometimes even access to the outside.

In another case, European homes may have an open shower in the sense that an entire room is the shower. In that design, the entire room is tiled. A sink and cabinet is in the shower room, but, not a toilet. That would be in a separate and smaller room in the house.

In modern design in the United States, we are seeing a combination of these principles. Homeowners designing their new bathroom are looking for a feeling like a spa. A separate shower room, as done in the European option, may not be workable. However, extending the tile onto the ceiling of the bathroom may provide an elegant and spacious look.

Providing views and access to the backyard may not be a personal choice. But enlarging windows to provide increased light into the shower area can add emotional energy when starting a new day.

One characteristic of an open shower is that it can be surrounded by one, two or even three tiled walls, but the walk-in is open. The shower will have a larger feel to it and may have multiple shower heads.

Let’s look at some of the factors that may go into the decision of renovating your bathroom:

  1. Desire – Changing that bathroom you never liked. The emotional value to you could be very high.
  2. Gain in Resale Value – A remodeling project that is driven by the objective of increasing the value of your property.

The best remodeling project is when desire and gain in resale value can be achieved at the same time. An Open Shower may very well achieve both objectives.

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