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Clean lines complement an open floor plan. Simplicity is an excellent companion to a modern home design.

Open Floor PlanWe are getting away from having small and separate rooms in our homes. The change in home design is a direct result of the changes that have occurred in our culture. In homes built around the middle of the 1900’s, the kitchen was a separate room distinct from the living and dining areas. During those years, there was separation of duties during social gatherings. In our present culture, social activities blend activities, such as meal preparation with continuous conversation.

As the Glass Block Blogger states in their post Glass Block in Open Floor Plans for Office and Home: 

“As our desire to mingle socially while cooking, eating, and watching TV at the same time, we needed the utilities and furniture to complement each other aesthetically. We also needed light to flow through this open, multi-use, space.

The challenge then became the need for a seemless integration of the different types of furniture and utilities. The look of the stove and dishwasher needed to flow through to the style of the couch and entertainment center. The need for the food preparation and serving counter tops needed to be placed with access from both the cooking area and the eating area.”

The open concept makes the home feel bigger, while also allowing for more interaction with your family or guests. But before you beginning designing your next home renovation project, consider these tips for making sure you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Work towards Coherence

If you previously had two separate rooms, you probably weren’t too concerned about the styles of the rooms matching one another, but with the open concept, you want your room to have consistent styles and colors.

Start with choosing flooring that you’ll be comfortable with throughout the extended room. Is it cozy enough for a sitting area yet durable enough for the kitchen?

Use Defining Elements

Even though you’re creating an open space, you still want some sense of separation between the different areas within the room. This can be done with interesting details on the ceiling or using the kitchen breakfast bar as a room divider.

The exciting thing is that you are crafting a wonderful space for your family to enjoy. But you are also adding to the value of your home. As it states in the post, Considerations for a Whole House Remodel, “Improving your home for your family, while at the same time improving the home’s market value, is a win-win.”

Find an Experienced Professional

Before you begin a renovation project, consult with a professional contractor with a showroom and modern computerized drawing capabilities. To reduce the risk of wasted time and money, see the finished project in a showroom. Use a remodeling professional that has state of the art 3-D computer generating drawings along with architectural plans to help ensure successful project delivery.

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