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Remodeling a home is an attractive option for those that may want to stay in the same neighborhood. The price of homes is going up so using equity to complete the remodel can make a lot of sense.

3e832be4-3d3e-4d73-b61e-303eda9415bdA home can be expanded in several ways. For instance, the basement can be utilized to add much-needed living space for the family. The basement has so much potential and the possibilities are almost endless. The basement can be divided into a new room or a combination of rooms.

You can add an addition to the lower level of your home. This requires the foundation to be extended. There must be ample room on the existing lot to accommodate the additional space. But if this reduces the backyard, this option may not be desirable. Our backyards are a place for us to escape the everyday stresses without the cost of going on vacation. We do not necessarily want to give that luxury up.

Another alternative is to add up. Adding an additional level to a home has several benefits. One is that your costs may be lower than adding an addition to the lower level because you don’t have to do foundation work. Foundation work can be very costly. When you build an additional level, you will be adding living space on the existing foundation. Adding a new level that fits on top of your home’s existing footprint means you will double your square footage.

But, sometimes adding space to the original home will just not meet your needs. In that case, the original house needs to be completely replaced.

Replacing the entire home is another alternative to get the functional living area that you want for your family while staying in the same neighborhood and using the value you have already invested in that location.

An example of replacing the entire home is this new home project, which is in progress.

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We removed the original house. The existing foundation was saved. However, we added to the foundation to bring the house from 850 sq ft to 2,100 sq ft. We built a two-story home where there was a one story home before. So now, each floor has approximately 2,100 sq ft. This has provided the home owner with increased living space and a modern interior design.

Replacing your entire home on your existing lot could provide everything you need to have your home meet the needs of your family for years to come. However, during a renovation of this magnitude, you want to reduce the surprises. Make sure you choose an experienced construction company that can work closely with you through the entire process.

Veri Construction is a contractor in New Jersey and recipient of many Regional Contractor of the Year Awards. A floor plan and elevation views are created in our showroom with computerized drawings. 

Call us at 973-772-2733. We love to share our experience and help you make the best decision for you based on your desires and needs.