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Consider the options available to you as you plan that basement renovation. There are choices to be made regarding the use of the space. There are also considerations that should not be overlooked such as protection from water damage and resale value of the home. Better to think of these items before construction starts, rather than after it is all done.


Your basement is a blank canvas. You can add rooms that will add living space for your family and increase the resale value of your home at the same time. Any remodeling project is best when the result comes from satisfying a long-term desire together with the opportunity to increase the value of your property. Now, that is a fun project to tackle.

Usually, the basement is the largest unused space. The basement generally spans the full length of your house. A renovation can include adding a combination of extra rooms such as a laundry room, an extra bedroom with a bath, a child’s playroom or even a safe room for protection from tornadoes and hurricanes.


Complete that Laundry Room: Most basements have a space for the laundry room. Why not build a better laundry room? You could include storage shelves and cabinets for laundry supplies, as well as a cedar storage closet for winter clothes.

Add an Extra Bedroom: You can create an extra bedroom and bath that can be used as a guest room. It can also be a great space for a teenager bedroom.

Add a Residential Safe Room: A residential safe room is designed to protect you and your family from severe weather conditions such as extreme high winds, hurricanes and tornadoes.

New Jersey and most of the Northeast are no strangers to severe weather and hurricanes. Many of us still remember the damage and destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Damaged roofs and broken windows can be repaired or replaced. But the safety of your family is more important than anything.

Preparation for a Basement Renovation: When planning a basement renovation, do not overlook the fact that your basement is the part of your home that is under ground, the same place that water resides. You can prepare your basement for the worst that nature has to offer. The best basement flood protection begins with repairing cracked basement walls, and installing a sump pump system to prevent water from collecting in the basement. Basement walls can be prepared with sealant to waterproof against seepage.

Consider the Millennial Home Buyer

In our previous post Millennials May Not Want to Rent Forever it is stated

So, Millennials seem to be willing to rent until they find the home that suits their family’s present and growing needs.

These young first home buyers should be considered when planning a home renovation. Keeping your home modern will provide your family more pleasant and functional living space. And it will also give you the opportunity to get top dollar if and when you sell the home.


Leed is consideration for the new millennial homeowner. LEED certification means that the house or building is designed and operates according to standards from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). What does that mean for a basement renovation project? It surely is not necessary to be LEED certified in your home renovation project. But just to consider these guidelines is an excellent strategy for resale value when selling to a millennial family.

Not only is LEED compliance environmentally friendly, it is more healthy and energy-efficient. For instance;

  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Low EVO paint and carpet
  • ample light for Daylighting

Adhering to LEED criteria offers many environmental, economic and health benefits.

Don’t Go It Alone

Doing a basement renovation will add living space for the family, utility space and can add resale value to your home. But, do not shortcut the planning phase. Contact Veri Construction to find out how you can turn the wasted space in your basement into a wonderful space your family will enjoy. We are an award-winning Certified NARI Remodeler, serving customers in New Jersey area.